2021 Water Collection System

During the summer 2021 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) experience, the first rainwater collection prototype was installed in Amelia at a school.

The next steps (academic year 2021-22) are to develop standard operating procedures and to develop a construction manual so that other sites can replicate this system.

Installation site (before)
The gutter and downspout installation needed to avoid existing infrastructure on the side of the building.
Forms and rebar are in place to pour the concrete pad. The pad is needed to keep the water cisterns from setting and moving out of level.
The concrete is poured. It needs to cure before the cisterns and the rest of the plumbing can be added.
The cisterns are in place and the plumbing is glued.
Part of the REU team and Caras con Causa team by the system on the REU team’s final day in Puerto Rico.